Able Athletes 2016



Ability Week 2016 (wednesday november 16 - Tuesday November 22)

This year Cooper Elementary School, Tulsa (OK) is engaging in its first ever "Ability Week." Ability Week consists of various school wide events designed to promote inclusion through various interactions with disability awareness materials.  This year all Cooper Elementary School Students (Pre-k - 6th grade) will participate in a variety of Ability Week activities.  These activities will range from classroom presentations, speakers, books, videos, and controlled conversations.    

Emeka Nnaka.jpg

Speaker: Emeka Nnaka

Cooper Elementary School is so excited to announce that we have reputable speaker and leading Tulsa advocate for people with disabilities; Emeka Nnaka coming to speak and share his story with our 3-6th graders.  The student are excited to hear from Emeka Nnaka who will share his story of overcoming adversity and finding hope in a hopeless situation.


classroom activities

During ability week students will be engaging with various classroom activities and incentives.  Students will participate in different "disability awareness activities" and will help create materials for Able Athletes Day (November 22nd, 2016).  All classrooms are openly pursuing conversations about differences and disabilities.


Spread the word

This year Cooper Elementary School will "Spread the word to end the word."  Able Athletes has followed Special Olympics Oklahoma's lead and had the entire school take the pledge to end the use of the "R" word within our school.