"Able Athletes was one of the highlights of our year.  My students loved the practices and were so proud to demonstrate their new skills to their friends and family during the event.  The most unexpected benefit was the acceptance and excitement I saw from the other students at our school"    -Kathy Shreve (Multiple Disabilities Teacher - Cooper Elementary School)


Able Athletes is a special education enrichment program designed to showcase the skills and abilities that students labeled with severe autism and multiple disabilities possess.  The 10-week preparatory program culminates in a choreographed event highlighting the skills and abilities of each school's Able Athletes. 


Our Mission

Able Athletes is a program that centers along the idea that students with multiple disabilities and severe autism can succeed in athletics.  We believe that all students with multiple disabilities and severe autism have the skills needed to complete our able athletes course.  We believe that our athletes success in the program will build a more inclusive and equitable educational environment in each participating school.  


We envision Able Athletes becoming an annual event at all Tulsa Public Elementary Schools and all Elementary Schools that have self-contained rooms for students with multiple disabilities and severe autism.  We see Able Athletes becoming a program within schools that promotes inclusion, acceptance, and diversity.  This vision is rooted in the idea that all students, regardless of cognitive or physical capability, can succeed in athletics when given the correct atmosphere.